Industries Served


  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Tribes
  • School Districts
  • Multiple Purpose Authorities
  • Political Subdivisions
  • Single and Multiple Special Districs
  • Emergency Management
  • State and Federal Agencies

Emergency Medical Services

  • BLS
  • ALS
  • Transport Services
  • Public Agencies
  • Private Companies
  • Community Paramedics
  • Volunteer Services
  • Training Schools
  • Security Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Emergency Rooms

Fire Services

  • Volunteer Departments
  • Paid Departments
  • Rescue Squads
  • BLS Agencies
  • ALS Agencies
  • Wildland Departments
  • Private Fire Services
  • Training Schools

Law Enforcement

  • Police Departments
  • Sheriff Department
  • Highway Patrols
  • Private Security
  • State or Federal Agencies
  • Transit Police
  • Housing Authority Police
  • Airport Police
  • Harbor Police
  • University Police
  • Hospital Police
  • Training Schools
  • Railroad Police

About Public Safety Association Inc.

Public Safety Association Inc. (PSAI) is a non profit business league that services over 9,000 different types of Public Safety businesses. Annual dues for the PSAI are $129.00. We are focused in these areas:


To provide a forum for the development of common business interests and opportunities among members.

To improve the quality and efficiency of public safety and other related businesses.

To educate the corporation’s members regarding technology, trends, and policy in the public safety industry.

To promote the profession of public safety and to enhance the public perception thereof.


Grant Searches and Grant Writing

Agencies across the nation are struggling to meet the needs of their communities. Budget money is becoming harder and harder to get. PSAI will assist members in finding grants and independent grant writers to help our members with the projects they are passionate about.

Product and Service Discounts

PSAI will assist members in finding products and services that are discounted bases on their particular need. If these goods need to be publicly bid we will assist in finding a bid program that fits the requirement.

Best Practice Forums

PSAI help educate our membership by travelling to industry trade events and speaking about best practices and ways to make you budget dollars go further.

PSAI also uses webinars to help our members learn from the convenience of their home or business.

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