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Our non-profit cooperative serves over 16,000 public safety agencies in the United States.

Government – EMS – Fire – Police
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Tribes
  • School Districts
  • Multiple Purpose Authorities
  • Political Subdivisions
  • Single and Multiple Special Districs
  • Emergency Management
  • State and Federal Agencies
  • BLS
  • ALS
  • Transport Services
  • Training Schools

    • Public Agencies
    • Private Companies
    • Community Paramedics
    • Volunteer Services
    • Training Schools
    • Security Companies
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Emergency Rooms
    • Volunteer Departments
    • Paid Departments
    • Rescue Squads
    • BLS Agencies
    • ALS Agencies
    • Wildland Departments

    • Training Schools
    • Private Fire Services
    • Police Departments
    • Sheriff Department
    • Highway Patrols
    • Private Security
    • State or Federal Agencies
    • Transit Police
    • Housing Authority Police
    • Airport Police
    • Harbor Police
    • University Police
    • Hospital Police
    • Railroad Police
    • …And more!

      Our Bid Process

      Our Partners

      Savvik Buying Group

      Savvik Buying Group is a Minnesota based non-profit corporation serving as a contracting agency for public safety, education and government. Savvik creates national cooperative purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies. This includes public safety, government, education, and non-profit agencies nationwide. These cooperative contract opportunities save members time and money by consolidating numerous individually prepared solicitations into one national, cooperatively shared process.

      Eagle County Paramedic Services

      Eagle County Paramedic Services (ECPS), also known as Eagle County Health Service District, is a full-service Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency that provides 9-1-1 emergency response, inter-facility patient transportation including Paramedic level Critical Care, Community Paramedic, community events, medical support of special events and specialized response teams. PSAI works directly with Eagle County to create our legal public bids that serve our communities.